Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Portfolio 3 Update

Well, as the second portfolio piece winds to a close, I figured I should update this with a better schedule for what's left of the semester.

Two things are left to do aside from Capstone work: Mental Ray Thesis and Taerar the Rage Drake.

As for the Mental Ray Thesis, I decided to go for something more specific and will be concentrating on Skin. And as for Taerar, I will be focusing on getting a high resolution sculpt.

So here is a schedule for when I will have things done:

Taerar Rage Drake Sculpt
  • Friday July 13 (OMG)- Sketches and Concept
  • Saturday July 14- Orthographics
  • Tuesday July 17- Blocked In Model in Maya
  • Saturday July 21- Muscles and Anatomy in Zbrush
  • Saturday July 28- Detail and Armor
  • Sunday July 29- Pose
  • Monday July 30- Polish and Resculpt
  • Tuesday July31- Composite with Brynn to achieve concept
Mental Ray Subsurface Skin Thesis
  • Sunday July 15- Bring Brynn back into Maya
    • Ignore hair? Or bring in hair?
  • Monday July 16- Export out Poly Paint into actual Texture files. Composite into one image
  • Tuesday July 17- Bake out sculpt into Normal Map. Composite into one image.
  • Saturday July 21- Research and Test materials
  • Sunday July 22- Compile Presentation

Brynn Ardell Complete!

I realize I have been spelling Brynn's last name wrong the entire time. Shame on me!

So it was a little silly of me to forget to post this up on my blog, and I have been neglecting to update my blog on Brynn's progress as the last couple days have been a hellstorm, but I figure I should put it up now.

You can see Brynn's finished product below! Things I learned from this project: Fibermesh. ZappLink, Noise maker, Materials and shaders...well Zbrush in general. I expect my next project to be even more of a learning experience!

As always, concept and design is by the awesome artist Lauren Hanchin. Expect to see the dragon here as my third portfolio piece!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Brynn Ardell: Sculpt Update

I'm a bit overdue for an update on Brynn. We're entering our final phase for Plushy Knight that I've kinda put her on hold for a while now. I'm devoting my entire week to her now though! LET'S DO THIS. Below, you can see Brynn's sculpt which is pretty much complete minus a few adjustments here and there. Haven't worked so extensively in Zbrush before. I'm starting to get used to it's funky controls and it's unconventional workflow.

Stuff still left to do: Fibermesh Fur on fur flap and Fibermesh for her mop of hair. Oh and textures. This will be my first time really texturing in Zbrush!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Brynn Base Model Progress

I've been pretty busy lately working on Cinematics as well as Brynn, but I've made some decent progress the last couple of days. As always, I have to thank Nick for providing me with the base to create the head. Currently, all that's really missing is her hair. A WIP skull cap is there currently. I'm thinking I might need to go re topo that skull cap to better fit Brynn's messy ponytail. Otherwise all of her assets have been modeled! You can see her model in maya below!

I've also gotten around to UVing her too. I'll need to make another map for her normals but the hard part's already done.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Plushy Knight: Playground Cinematic

My first portfolio piece is done, but there are still plenty of cinematics left to do. Here is the next cinematic that I'm working on. The Playground Cinematic

It's still WIP but it's close to being finished, minus a couple camera iterations or polish animation.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Brynn Ardele Orthographics

So as I'm finishing up my first portfolio piece, I decided to start working on my second project.

Brynn Ardele! A full fledged monk martial artist from a small temple at Gilderhall. Her weapons are her fists, which are often compared to battle axes. Occasionally flaming, occasionally flying, always exploding, Brynn's a force to be reckoned with. She's a commission from a close friend of mine. For me, Brynn will be a practice on realism and hi-res models, both of which I don't have enough of in my portfolio. Focus on cloth, proportions and the like.

I worked with my friend, who came up with the design, and created orthographics for Brynn, which you can see below.